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Alexey Akindinov is the founder of ornamentalism.
1977 - was born in the city of Ryazan.
1988-92 - Studying at the Children's Art School No. 1 (Ryazan)
Teacher: Cheremin Valery Erikovich.
1984-92 - Studying at the secondary school number 34 of the city of Ryazan.
1992–98 - Studying at the Ryazan Art College. G.K. Wagner. He graduated from college with a degree in painting, the profession of an artist and teacher. Thesis "Starship", the rating is "excellent". Reviewer - People's Artist of Russia - Mikhail Abakumov (1948-2010).
Teachers: Korsakov Victor Vasilievich (Honored Artist of Russia), Kozlov Alexey Afanasevich (Honored Artist of Russia, 1923-2011), Lyakhov Vyacheslav Antonovich, Vlasova Tatyana Petrovna (member of the Union of Artists), Presnyakov Anatoly Stepanovich.

Alexey Akindinov in his work from early childhood was weighed down with an ornamental beginning in the style of depicting reality. The teacher of children's art school No. 1 in Ryazan, Valery Cheremin, noted the peculiarity of the creative manner of the young painter. He said: "Alexei, you write your paintings, like the Chinese - with long and thin strokes."
In the children's art works of Alexei, from the mid 80-ies of the XX century, structurality, rhythm, leitmotifism and ornamentality are clearly traced. This period of time can be attributed to subconscious ornamentalism in the work of Alexei.
Entering the Ryazan Art College in 1992, A. Akindinov sets himself the daring task of creating a new style in art. But until 1995, beyond the experimenters, his idea of ​​realization did not receive. In 1995, first in pencil sketches, and then in “oil”, the results of a conscious search for a young artist begin to appear for the first time. A whimsical script covers Akindinov’s reality, which he himself will later call “ornamentalism”.
Since 1996, Alexey holds theme exhibitions on ornamentalism. Initially, they have the character of “sentries” (short) - in the foyer of the Ryazan art school. Then, in 1998, he holds his first solo exhibition (RHU), which shows many ornamental paintings. But the concept of the exhibition has not been announced in publications, the newspapers and on television say: - "The personal exhibition of Alexey Akindinov. For the first time, a student of the Russian Art University has made a personal exhibition at such a young age !!!"
From 1996 to 2000 - Alexei “hones" the concept of ornamentalism, and in February 2000, at the Museum of the History of the Youth Movement in Ryazan, he holds the first thematic exhibition (in history !!!) dedicated to ornamentalism. It is called "All Pattern" (personal exhibition). Regional media recorded this event in newspapers and on television (February, 2000: GTRK OKA (1), GTRK OKA (2).
In the fall of 2000, the first collective exhibition "Mesh Image" takes place. Alexey at this exhibition brings together several like-minded people, among them such artists as: Maximilian Presnyakov, Andrei Nazarov, Vladislav Efremov. These are the first ornamentalists.
In 2006, Akindinov organized a group exhibition "OrnaMentality", which takes place at the Ryazan Drama Theater. The exhibition was attended by artists: Margarita Budyleva, Vladislav Efremov, Andrei Nazarov, Vladimir Kovanov (photographer), Maximilian Presnyakov, and the curator and participant of the exhibition - Alexey Akindinov. The exhibition is also notable for the fact that it receives coverage on the federal television channel "Culture". In the news block of the TV channel (November 30, 2006), it says: “10 years have passed ornamentalism - the direction in art, which was invented by the artist Alexey Akindinov, by this date the exhibition“ Ornamentality ”opened in the Ryazan Regional Drama Theater. Alexei and like-minded people believe that the world is a complex ornament that needs to be understood, or at least drawn. You can appreciate the ornaments of the world on the site "akindinov.com".
Around the beginning of the 2000s, other participants in the ornamental movement in art have arisen. Just before this, Alex begins to actively promote ornamentalism through the media. Many artists begin to claim that they also discovered ornamentalism. But apart from replicas, they could not confirm this fact with anything. Alexei presented a number of dated publications in paper periodicals, confirming his authorship of this style in art.
Nevertheless, from the mid-2000s, ornamentalists began to appear in a number of regions of Russia - conceptualists who either refuted Akindinov’s authorship or simply reprinted his articles (previously published by Akindinov in paper editions), attributing them to himself. Pretending to be the concept of ornamentalism.
In the future, Alexey Akindinov conducts a number of personal and collective exhibition projects devoted to ornamentalism. And in 2013, this direction in art already collects about forty participants from around the world. A collective exhibition is held in Moscow at the State Exhibition Hall "On Kashirka". Art critic and curator of the exhibition Lyudmila Chekalina in the opening address to the opening of the exhibitions
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