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Dawn arabesque

Painting, 2011, 48×62.5×0.1 cm

Description of the artwork «Dawn arabesque»

"Arabesque of the Dawn", 48x62.5 cm, oil on canvas, 2011 p. Author - Alexey Akindinov.

My painting "Arabesque of the Dawn" refers to canvases painted in an improvisational artistic technique. He painted it at once in oil on canvas, drawing by hand the contours of the ornaments with a thin brush.

There is a series of similar works in my painting, for example, such paintings as: "Holy"; "Candles of Dawn"; "Angel of the Seven Churches"; "Scarf-bird". In them, I almost always started working right away in color, with oil paints, without making detailed pencil sketches and even more so with cardboard. The peculiarities of improvisational ornamental painting are that each pattern and plot element is born immediately, without subsequent corrections.

If the improvisational style of my style of ornamentalism in "Arabesques of the Dawn" was embodied in paints on canvas in just a week, then the solution to the theme of the composition took a long time. It so happens that I have been carrying the plot for decades. In the case of "Arabesques", it appeared in my imagination back in the last century - in the second half of the 90s. Twisted in fantasies, I fished out of this world with a patterned ooze of attention, cherished and suffered by me images.

It was then that I created a series of stories, pencil sketches and paintings. They reflected strange memories that appeared in my imagination from nowhere. That was a real informational and artistic stream that opened to me in 1995. In these revelations of the universe, I read the images and the concept of a new style of ornamentalism, but apart from it I saw a lot more ...

In the second half of the 90s, I wrote more than 90 poetic miniatures. Those were: poetry in prose; small prose; poetry. One of these images was the poem "Plaster Moon", written in 1998. This is the 62nd piece from that series:


Calm languor
The heart is ringing a bell
Ikarus rolls
A quiet day without the Sun
Indifferent to the vexation of spirit
From the sky deep blue
Smiling plaster crescent moon
Reflected orange grass
Covetous, she whispers something in my ear.

This image, first embodied in a poem, was born 13 years later in paints on canvas in my painting "Arabesque of the Dawn". The Ikarus bus, on the canvas I replaced it with a timeless vehicle - a wagon. This gave the idea a lot of romance and a sense of freedom.

The improvisational, free manner of performance was chosen by me for a reason. In the plot of the picture, I depicted a gypsy wagon rushing across the field; endless road; the bottomless sky, which with its patterns sings to the Earth, its fields, grasses and people a song of freedom and love.

Improvisation in the style of ornamentalism in "Arabesque of the Dawn" harmoniously intertwined in a single universal carpet with the theme of freedom, wind, nomadic life and eternal movement. As the Moon flies for an infinitely long time and will still fly in the sky, so people will be in constant motion, the desire for freedom and the search for new discoveries ...
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