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Gagarin's breakfast

Painting, 2011, 83.5×115.5×0.1 cm

Description of the artwork «Gagarin's breakfast»

"Gagarin's Breakfast", 83.5 x 115.5 cm, oil on canvas, 2011-2012 years of creation. Author - Alexey Akindinov.

One of the central themes of my work is the theme of space, starry. It appeared in my life a long time ago; - while still at school, my mother sewed a stargazer costume for me for the New Year's carnival. In my youth, using drawings and recommendations from popular science magazines, I began to assemble my first telescopes. At three in the morning, I went out with a two-meter telescope mounted on a tripod and observed through it the brightest planet Venus. Through a telescope, she looked like a beautiful golden sickle. The yard cats at that moment surrounded me and sat quietly, watching me, probably they also wanted to look through the telescope eyepiece.

If I had not become an artist, I would have become an astronomer ...
In the visual arts, the theme of space and stardom came along with my discovery of the style of ornamentalism - I wrote a large series dedicated to stargazers.

I discovered the theme of space flights in my work, having painted in 2000 the painting "The First. Portrait of Yuri Gagarin". The idea for the painting "Gagarin's Breakfast" came to me in 2010. Before painting with paints on canvas, there was a long period of work on the sketch, which began in 2011, then I made detailed cardboard for the picture. The idea was to show the first manned flight into space.

Yuri Gagarin was an astronaut with a good sense of humor, he knew how to keep it in the most difficult and crucial moments of life. Therefore, I introduced humorous notes and features of the national Russian color into the plot outline of the picture. I portrayed the first pilot-cosmonaut not in an ordinary spaceship, but in a fantastic one, reminiscent of a spacious room with large windows through which space with heavenly bodies is visible. The earth appears in the right window as a bluish edge. The whole room is painted with whimsical patterns.

In addition to the famous phrase of Gagarin; "Let's go!", I remember his one more, more imaginative, playful; - when the Vostok spacecraft entered orbit, Yuri Gagarin transmitted the following via communication to the MCC: "I am in orbit, I am covering the space table!"

In the plot of the canvas, Yuri Gagarin is already in zero gravity, in front of him in space hangs a small table covered with a tablecloth with ornamental motives of the ancient Slavs. A samovar bagel and an apple hovered over the table, the astronaut held tea in a glass with a glass holder and sugar lumps flying into it.

There is also an interesting effect on the canvas of the duality of the interpretation of objects, for example, the crescent of the Moon outside the window can be interpreted as part of a still life and then it turns into a cheese chunk, and the steering wheel, which flew away high, partially touching the Moon, may seem like an unknown cosmic object.

The whole picture was painted by me with a thin brush by hand and consists of tens of thousands of small ornaments, large patterns, in turn, consist of small ones - this is for me a symbol of fractal infinity and the infinity of space ...

© Copyright: Alexey Akindinov, 2020
Certificate of publication No. 220060901399
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