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Vivat Vita! Long live Life!

Painting, 2012, 150×10×0.1 cm

Description of the artwork «Vivat Vita! Long live Life!»

The story of the painting - Vivat Vita! Long live Life!
"Vivat Vita! Long live Life!" 150 x 100 cm, oil on canvas, 2012 p. The author of the picture and the text is Alexey Akindinov.
The canvas belongs to a series of works created in the image of one of my childhood memories. Back in 1997, I wrote a poem dedicated to this plot:

I plunge into childhood with my head -
There are green birch trees
Through the transparent, rustling ringing -
Blue sparkle and fire stars.

In the sky, a cloud soars
Temple Twisted Cake
Children run under him
Pull up their arms

Do not say goodbye to us happiness!
Fly still above us!
Drive away bad weather from us!
Star Temple behind the clouds.

The title of the painting "Vivat Vita" is translated from Latin "Long live - life!" The canvas is an appeal to the theme of childhood memories, which I started back in 1997. The canvas was painted by me specifically for secondary school No72 in the city of Ryazan and from the moment of its creation to the present day has been in its permanent exhibition. In 2012, the canvas laid the foundation for this school gallery, which currently includes the works of such recognized masters of graphics and painting as: Sergei Kovrigin, Vladimir Ivanov and others.

The work on the work lasted about six months. Despite the seeming improvisation, every detail in the picture is not accidental and carries a deep meaning. In the film "Vivat Vita!", I returned with a new look to my favorite theme - the world of childhood, the memories of its images. To step beyond the edge of the visible, to lift the veil of secrecy, to transform everyday life - these are the tasks that I set myself when creating the picture. Childhood fantasy blossomed dull everyday life, turning them into a world of kaleidoscopic riddles. In the painting Long Live Life! An ordinary courtyard is transformed into a blossoming idyll. So, for example: a strange large chest - a casket with patterns, depicted on the left side of the picture - is an ordinary garage. A package of "Orange" chewing gum is transformed in the children's imagination into an aircraft soaring high in the sky. Only a childish naive glance is able to discern many multi-colored stars in the daytime sky. Birds soaring from the hands of the main characters are symbols of happiness that overwhelms them. They are ready to share it with the whole world. The heroes in the picture, in contrast to the poem, are matured, accumulated wisdom and knowledge. Two faces against the background of the temple are the images of Guardian Angels, they inseparably and imperceptibly protect us all our life. The canvas depicts the Assumption Cathedral of the Ryazan Kremlin - a symbol of faith and spiritual beauty ...

I have painted several canvases with a similar theme, composition and plot: "Gerika-Gerlikaerika" (1997); "Geriki" (1998); "Chenet of the Ryazan Kremlin" (2015-16) The painting "Geriki" was later acquired by private collectors from the United States. In 2005 she exhibited in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tulsa Performing Arts Center Gallery at the Curtain's Up. Russian Art Past & Present exhibition. The exposition was presented by leading contemporary artists of Russia, such as Mikhail Shemyakin and Sergey Gavrilyachenko. Ruslana Andriyanova was the organizer and initiator of the project. It was an exhibition - forum "Raise the Curtain. Russian Art - Past and Present". The poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko performed there. It was he who chose my painting "Geriki" for the front cover of the magazine "INTERMISSION", September 2005, PAGE. 27, "Curtain's Up Russian Art Past & Present". Oct 20 - Nov 19, 2005.

The painting "Chenet of the Ryazan Kremlin" was an order and was painted by me specially for the art project "Ryazan, I love you!", Organized by former graduates of Lyceum No. 4 in Ryazan. They now live and work in Moscow and have taken up executive positions in various firms there. Exhibitions of this project have been held since 2016 in Ryazan, Moscow, exhibited at numerous exhibition sites, in particular in the Pronsky, Zhelannovsky local history museums and the State Museum-Reserve of S.A. Yesenin in Konstantinov and in the Yesenin Center in Moscow.