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Good luck! Anticipation of miracles.

Painting, 2017, 60×80×0.1 cm

Description of the artwork «Good luck! Anticipation of miracles.»

In late summer 2017, I received an email from China. Yue Cao, an art manager, art critic and translator from Chinese into Russian, wrote to me. In the letter, she informed me that she represented the Beijing Gallery of Russian Art, of which Ms. Ming Li was the director. I found out that Min Li was interested in my work and wants to buy several paintings from me for her gallery.
My first meeting with my Chinese comrades took place in early September in Moscow. There I personally met Ming Li, Yue Cao and other members of the gallery. Ming told me that their museum has existed for twenty years and is the largest in Beijing representing Russian art. His collection includes such world famous painters as: Ivan Shishkin, Vasily Surikov, Arkady Plastov, The Tkachev Brothers, Mikhail Abakumov, Yuri Kugach, Sergey Kuzin and others ...

During our first meeting, Ming Li bought the painting "The Blacksmith" from me and gave me an order to make several paintings for their gallery. In the beginning, I had to draw sketches in pencil on paper and show Min for approval. When I asked how much work should be done, she answered me: "As much as you want, as much as you can." I said that I could complete four pictures in this time.

Having exchanged memorable gifts, we at that time completed our first meeting. The Chinese gave me: several varieties of elite tea in souvenir boxes; fridge magnets; chic silk scarf (for my mom). In response, I presented them with several of my graphic works, to which they were very surprised and delighted.
I started sketching. Min Li gave me a specific task - to complete pictures with subjects of nature, flowers, which should carry a positive, light energy. If you use figures of people on the canvas, then a person should occupy a small place on the canvas, reflecting the theme of romantic relationships and pure love between a man and a woman. The main condition was that all paintings should be painted in my style of ornamentalism. So that the entire surface of the plot was created using small ornaments and patterns. It was this feature of my style, according to Min Li, that they distinguished me among the many hundreds of artists, whose paintings were in countless numbers in virtual galleries on the Internet ...

My first work for the Beijing gallery was the painting "Good luck! Anticipation of miracles". It was fine autumn days outside. And one evening I saw this story: the road going into the distance beyond the horizon, the trees, already without foliage, were illuminated by the rays of the setting sun. This made them look like they were painted red. The sky had a dense, emerald greenish tint. The feeling of the evening stream of air naturally created the effect of patterns, it permeated everything around. It seemed to me that these ornaments emit a certain melody, then I remembered such a concept as "evening bells". The patterns I saw personified this evening melody, a song of quiet and light sadness ...

During the deadline for the execution of the order, I painted four paintings. We met again with Min Li in Moscow and I donated these canvases to the Gallery of Russian Art. Ms. Ming was very pleased with my work. And my collaboration with the gallery continued. During each next meeting, we exchanged memorable and valuable souvenirs. So, in addition to my painting, the Chinese gallery now houses a large series of my graphic sheets, which I donated to Ming Li ...

When I published my painting "Good luck! Anticipation of Miracles" in various online galleries, it received widespread recognition from viewers. So, for example, in the Vladimir region in the city of Kovrov, a calendar for 2019 was released in large-circulation production. Along with the calendar, the souvenir set included a notebook and a ballpoint pen ...