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Patrick Suskind

Painting, 2018, 100×100×0.1 cm

Description of the artwork «Patrick Suskind»

"Patrick Suskind", 100x100 cm, oil on canvas, 2017-2018

My painting "Patrick Süskind" is dedicated to the work of the German playwright and prose writer Patrick Süskind. In it I used the plot of his novel "Perfumer. The Story of a Murderer". In the foreground is a portrait of Suskind himself. Behind him there is a field and a stream that takes the viewer's gaze into the distance, to the hills. In the sky, female images woven from patterns and flowers. They are like cloud ghosts that appear in the fantasies of Suskind and at the same time a perfumer. The ornament in the sky symbolizes the cobweb, next to which the painstaking catcher awaits his victims.

Through the pattern, I tried to display the smell. About this, back in 2003 in the sixth issue of the All-Russian magazine "Science and Religion" I published my article "Pattern of Sacred Signs", in which I laid the foundations of the concept of my style - ornamentalism. I wrote there that patterns are an information field and reflect all senses, including the sense of smell. Here is a quote: "I perceive our entire world" in the language "of patterns. A pattern for me is a means of communication. I can feel it even in smell and sound ... Smelling good perfume, I imagine a floral pattern - bright, beautiful combinations of shades But if the perfume has a heavy aroma, then the “patterned” associations are negative ... There is also a feedback.When I see carpets, wallpaper or just some kind of pattern, I hear the music of this carpet, sweater or walls, I feel their “perfume The decor on the dress may smell like jasmine, or pepper and coriander, or sea molluscs ... I am convinced that all the senses have an ornamental “structure.” The “sixth” sense is no exception - intuition, which with its mysterious signs informs us about what was, is and will be "...

Initially, in a pencil sketch, instead of a stream, the plot was supposed to have a path that symbolized the creative path of the writer Patrick Suskind. I painted the picture with a brush with oil paints in long thin stripes. I stacked strokes next to one another, while using clean, open colors. After the paint layer has dried, on top of it I applied a mesh of patterns with a thin brush. Color mixing with this method is optical. I borrowed this method from the Impressionists - when a stroke of the same color is laid near a painting with a stroke of the opposite color, when looking at the plot from a distance, the colors begin to play, shine. They emphasize each other, form their own unique new color. And together with my style of ornamentalism, a stereoscopic effect is also obtained - it seems that the patterns are hovering and continuously moving above the surface of the canvas ...

This painting was commissioned by an organization that pays special attention to my work. At that time, they wanted me to write a series of three paintings dedicated to writers. Initially, the customers asked to write a picture on the theme of Mikhail Bulgakov's novel "The Master and Margarita". Knowing the gloomy fame of this novel, I immediately refused to make a picture based on this work, but suggested my own series: "The Strugatsky Brothers", "Vasily Shukshin" and "Patrick Zyuskind".
Later, when the series was completed and sent to customers in Moscow, I learned that the painting "Patrick Süskind" had become one of the customer's favorite works and he hung it in his office in the most prominent place ...