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born in 1956 •
Biography and information
Born in 1956 on May 23, in the city of Moscow.
1974-graduated from Moscow Art School at Moscow State Art Institute named after IN AND. Surikov.
Since 1988, a member of the Moscow Committee of Artists and Graphics.
Since 1990, a member of the International Federation of Artists.
Since 1995, a member of the creative association of artists "Moskvorechye".
2000 — Member of the Moscow Union of Artists.

His works are stored in the Borodino Military History Museum, the Battle of Borodino Panorama Museum, in the portrait gallery of Soviet and modern Russian naval commanders in the Russian Military Center under the Government of the Russian Federation, in the historical museum of the city of Maloyaroslavets, in the Museum of the Council of the Russian Federation, as well as in private collections in Russia, USA, Germany, countries of the former Yugoslavia, England, Poland, Finland, Holland.
Exhibited since 1988. The main exhibitions are in the Moscow Kremlin, the State Duma of the Russian Federation, in the Small Manege of Moscow, as well as exhibitions of the Academy of Arts in London, Madrid, Berlin, Prague, Paris, Vienna, Warsaw.
Works in the genres of battle painting, historical painting, portrait, landscape, still life.
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Xenia Zuevskaya

    Aleksandr Chagadaev. Visiting grandmother
    Aleksandr Chagadaev. Pine trees on the shore
    Aleksandr Chagadaev. Manor Kuskovo
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    2017-th , 700×600 cm
    2000-th , 190×270 cm
    1995-th , 170×230 cm
    2000-th , 240×300 cm
    2018-th , 800×600 cm
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