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Igorevna Vakulenko

Russia • born in 1988 • artist

Biography and information

The author was born 19.10.1988 and is living in Moscow, Russia. Her real name is Anastasiya Vakulenko, she is reclusive self-taught artist. Member of Artists Trade Union of Russia. In childhood, there was a lot of gouache painting and pen and pencil drawing, school first place winnings. The youth was full of small private exhibitions and sales, voluntary working with acrylic and aerography, plastic clay crafting, decorating and designing. As the synthetic period was over, she donated her works and started new life. Her site dvoinaya-spiral.ru represents the best oil paintings most of which are surreal. The paintings are of different size, from 15x15sm to 1x1m, oil on canvas, canvas on cardboard and oil on cardboard. Each motif is taken from her own experience and dreaming. Some of the artworks may change or disappear.