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Alexandrovich Chernyshov

born in 1969
Igor Alexandrovich Chernyshov - Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, graphic artist.

Igor Alexandrovich Chernyshov - graphic artist, chief artist of the printing house "Art Grad". The founder of the school of Rostov engraving. Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts. Honored guest of the city of Kronstadt. Honorary guest of the Naval Academy. Admiral Kuznetsov. The developer of the training course "Turn the pen" - drawing a beard of a duck feather. Conducts master classes in linocut and etching.
Igor Chernyshov was born in 1969 in the village of Kadom, Ryazan Region. He showed interest in drawing from early childhood. He graduated from the Kadomsky children's art school, then the Ryazan art school. From 1989 to 1992 he served in the Baltic Fleet of the USSR Navy, where he continued to draw.
After the service, in search of his own path, Igor Alexandrovich moved to Moscow, where he taught at an art school, executed design orders, participated in painting the monastery’s temples, painted other interiors, worked as a designer in trade organizations, constantly improving as an artist. And only in 2004, after undergoing training in etching techniques, Chernyshov realized his professional vocation - a graphic artist.
It was the graphics and, in particular, the etching that allowed Igor Chernyshov's talent to fully reveal. Graphic miniatures, from which the author began his journey in graphics, allowed to hone skill and style.

Author of over a hundred graphic works
-Cities of Russia on holidays
heraldic symbolism
-Money graphics
-Architectural monuments
steam locomotives
-Elephants and Pisces
-Old Moscow

Everything is impressive in Igor’s works: artistic design, extraordinary plot, ways of expressing and conveying the idea — this unique plastic by Chernyshov has become a hallmark of the school of Rostov engraving. Pedants should pay attention to the performance technique, which combines a thin, solid line, the smallest detail of paintings and the dynamics of the plot.
In 2007, Chernyshov’s schedule moved to Rostov the Great, Yaroslavl Oblast, an ancient city that can inspire artists and poets with its history and monuments. From the bustle of the capitals to a measured provincial life, the soul of a draftsman stretched, where he still creates his works of graphic art.

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    Создатель и ведущий интернационального арт-проекта «Открытки Миров». Проект ДРУГОГО ИСКУССТВА Ивана Келарева, под кураторством Почетного члена Российской академии художеств Игоря Чернышова. Проект начал свое существование 03.06. 2018 года на базе творческой лаборатории печатного дома «Арт ГрадЪ». Миссия проекта - создавать многогранные визуальные образы, представив возможность зрителю «свидетельствовать о неизвестном и заглядывать в непознаваемое" Цель проекта – представить авторскую концепцию где основой построения композиции выступает преимущественно пятно, являясь одним из средств художественной выразительности и представляет собой авторское направление в изобразительном искусстве – эвристическая графика - (греч. εὑρίσκω — «отыскиваю», «открываю»)
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