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Russia • Moscow • born in 1985 • artist, art connoisseur

Biography and information

Indira Mersiyanova is a talented artist from Moscow.
Her works are created by different technicians. Involved several types of paint and mascara. Cloths often large. Different types of canvases are used.
For an artist, the main thing is emotion! Pictures express bright feelings, they are frank and mysterious, they always have a lot of colors. Feelings are always present in works: passion, tenderness, love, disappointment, joy of life and serenity. The author is very important to cause an emotion in the viewer, to cause interest in the picture. Even if interest is accompanied by complete antipathy or sympathy, the task is to keep the viewer's eye on the work. In each picture you can see yourself, your secret images, desires, feelings. The color is revealed completely and creates a silent dialogue with the viewer.
Indira was born in Moscow in 1985. She graduated from the Textile University. Kosygin. By education a fashion designer, stylist. She held several exhibitions in Moscow. She performed at Moscow Fashion Week in 2007 with a collection of summer accessories and bags using her paintings in the form of a print. The combination turned out very bright, youth and interesting.
Since 2013, the artist lives and creates in Monaco. In 2015, Indira officially joined the National Committee of Artists of Monaco under the auspices of UNESCO. Since 2015, she has been actively participating in many exhibitions, galleries and presentations. Her exhibitions are held with success and cause great interest among the public, especially the "art -
performance "from Indira.
Pictures of the artist have become more
feminine, denser and more complex in color. Frequent publications in magazines, newspapers and participation in various exhibitions, events related to charity, make it even more recognizable. The author hopes that the new public will accept her works and inspire new ones.
From the author:
"Our life is so boring and everyday, sometimes there is not enough color or we are too clogged with rules. But each of us is an individual.
Do not forget it. PS See, enjoy, be surprised .. "