Григорьевич Курочкин

Thesis at the All-Russian Academy of Arts - a series of prints for the tragedy of W. Shakespeare "Romeo and Juliet", the rating is excellent. The training took place at the graphic faculty. Qualified graphic artist.
Thesis is in the museum of the All-Russian Academy of Arts, is exhibited.
From 1971 to 1974, together with ceramic artist Chkheidze Nina Mikhailovna, he created monumental ceramic panels in the city of Volgograd. Ceramic panels are two monumental works with an area of 130 sq.m. "Conquest of fire" and "Water conquest." Work on the panel on the facades of buildings on the street. Rokossovsky in Volgograd were completed in 1974.
Since 1975 V.G. Kurochkin together with Chkheidze N.M. begin work on a comprehensive kindergarten in the Dzerzhinsky district of Volgograd. More than 20 works were erected on the territory of the kindergarten: ceramic panels, mosaics, sculptural compositions, including functional ones (dinosaur-slide-ladder), panels - a labyrinth for games. Ceramic panels are distinguished by a laborious technique of execution, pure color. Work on the object was completed in 1979. Currently, the object is partially preserved.
Since 1984, Kurochkin V.G. begins work on the second kindergarten in Volgograd. The complex solution is a monumental work - a three-dimensional ceramic panel on the two-story inner wall of the kindergarten building, mosaics on the facade of the building, floor mosaics, a fountain. Work on the Jungle object was completed in 1989. At the moment, the object has been preserved.
The graphic series "Decameron" is stored and exhibited at the creative summer residence of the Chelyuskinskaya Union of Artists.
Based on hiking trips, created graphic sheets "Central Asian motifs", abstract paintings.
Fulfilling the monumental propaganda plan, such works were created as a ceramic panel on the facade of a building in Makhachkala - a gift from Volgograd in connection with restoration work after the earthquake on 05/14/1970 in the Dagestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, etc.
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