Vladimirovna Fominykh-Igoshina

Russia • Saint Petersburg • artist

Biography and information

I have been engaged in creativity from an early age, I try myself in different types of art. The main direction is painting and graphics, theater (costumes, scenery, layout, poster).

I like to experiment with techniques. I am inspired by the paintings of old masters, impressionists, abstract artists and other trends.

My works are in private collections in Germany, England and Russia, in the fund of the Academy of Arts, as well as in the museum of Taras Shevchenko in Ukraine, in the Minakov fund.
Participation in contests, exhibitions:
2003 - Creative workshops in the Youth Theater
2004 - Competition for young architects "The house I want to live in" (won in the nomination Best Architectural Solution)
2009 - “Autumn Gold” Record
2012 - “Shoe in art” Shemyakin Foundation
2012 - “The Old City” of the Vasilyeostrovsky District
2013 - “Children in Art” Shemyakin Foundation
2014 - “First impression”, Pushkin mountains
2015 - “Exhibition on the basis of practice”, Alupka. Crimea
2015 - "The best picture." Academy of Arts. Repin
2015 - “Exhibition of summer practice” Academy of Fine Arts. Repin
2016 - “Your chance”, Moscow. STD (theater models and sketches)
2016 - "Youth of St. Petersburg" Union of Artists.
2016 - "Copy practice" Academy of Fine Arts. Repin
2017 - “The best drawing, sketches and sketches” for 2016. Academy of Arts. Repin.
2017 - “Meeting with the theater” Gallery “Tutti Qvanti”
2017 - “Exhibition of summer practice” Academy of Fine Arts. Repin
2018 - Minakov's competition "My Family" Academy of Fine Arts. Repin2018 - “Family is the soul of Russia” in “Tsaritsino” ROSIZO, Moscow