Olegovna Pushina

Russia • Udmurtia • born in 2001 • artist

Biography and information

Ekaterina ("Dmitry Noga" is a creative pseudonym) was born on March 10, 2001 in the arms capital of Russia - Izhevsk. I started working as a designer, but constantly wants to leave my studies, because: “I don’t like drawing in the absence of inspiration and desire. Kills. "
Likes to ride a skateboard. She was fond of music, wrote songs for guitar and performed for friends, performed several times for the public in Antikafe and other places.
“Despite the fact that I live in Izhevsk, I often leave for other cities, because I don’t like to sit still. Probably, this is what gives my head a reboot and a break from everyday life. "
The author's works adorn the walls of the well-known youth creative cluster "Art-Residence", and also managed to settle on some urban objects in the form of graffiti.
Dmitry is a gambling adventurer, a lover of life in all its, sometimes not the most avantage and favorable, manifestations, a hunter of risky situations and an inexorable nonconformist. However, behind all this daring set of qualities lies a touching soul, a bright mind and a "too human" understanding of many things.