Saleh | منتظر صالح

Iraq • born in 1999 • artist
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Biography and information

Muntadher Saleh is Iraqi Polymath he is writer,Artist , Designer and Pharmacist he has a lot of writings posted them in different website And has some famous quotes like " We are Nothing but uttered words " and has a lot of Artworks which took place in and a lot of other website the most known is Van Gogh Thoughts And Save Me.He Started Making Some New Idea To Come A Life By Merging The Most Powerful Words The Character Had Ever Said At His Life Like The Portrait Of Van Gogh Which Is Made From His Last Letter To His Brother Theo And The Starry Night Which Is One Of The Most Known Artwork That Van Made and Muntadher created A work for a great men died at their Revolution at 25th of October 2019 as attribute for them with their faces and words one of his Quotes" Don't Be Common"