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Alkamzhanovna Smagulova

Kazakhstan • born in 1968 • artist
Artist in social media
Almaty: 1996 - "Koktem Samaly"
Almaty city. 1996 - "Season of the East"
Almaty city. 1999 - Gallery of Contemporary Art "Ular"
Moscow: 2002 - "Art Salon" CHA -2002
Moscow 2003 - "Myths of nomads" State institution "Moscow House of Nationalities"
Moscow 2004 - "Along the Silk Road" Exhibition Hall on Kashirka,
Moscow 2004 - "Eastern Harmony" gallery "Centaur",
Moscow 2004 - "Constellation of Friendship" Concert Hall of the Hotel "Russia",
Moscow 2004 - "International Congress for the Study of Asian and North African Countries"
Moscow 2004 - "Days of Kazakhstan Culture in Russia", Russian Cultural Fund,
Moscow 2005 - Ethnoart project "Textile and Ceramics" State Institution "Moscow House of Nationalities"
Moscow 2005 - "Silk Road" State Duma of the Russian Federation,
Moscow 2005 - "Nauryz 2005" residence of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Russian Federation,
Moscow 2005 - International competition of haute couture of national costume,
Moscow 2005 - Presentation of the book by Olzhas Suleimenov "30 years later" VVTs,
Moscow 2006 - "Kazakhstan" Manege,
Moscow 2006 - "Nauryz-2006" All-Russian Exhibition Center,
Moscow 2006 - "Altyn Gasar" Central House of Artists
Moscow 2006 - "Ornament in the art of Iran and Kazakhstan" State Exhibition Hall "Khodynka",
Moscow 2007 - "The Legend of the Eternal" National Museum of the Republic of Belarus,
Minsk 2011 - "Anniversary Exhibition of the Union" Rassam "" MDN,
Taraz: 2011 - "Taraz - along the Silk Road" Central Exhibition Hall
Taraz 2012 - Project "Museum Day" Zhambyl Regional Museum of History and Local Lore, living sculptures and living paintings
2012 - Production designer in the performances: "Algashky Mahabbat", "Winter"
2013 - "Oner syry" Palace of Independence,
Astana 2013 - “Oner Zhagandanuy. Expo-2017 "Palace of Independence

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