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Vitalievna Andreeva

Russia • artist

Biography and information

Welcome to my page! My name is Tanya Andreeva, my creative pseudonym is TanKos. My love of life and art is growing every day, so I am glad to open for you a gallery of my works and share with you my emotions through paintings.

Several of my works are in a private collection in Russia. I really hope that my work will be reviewed and professionally evaluated by you.

Beginning of the creative path
I was born in 1991 in the city of Vilyuisk, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Watching the scenery of autumn fall foliage near my house, I was captivated by the beautiful flowers of leaves and trees. The beauty of the universe made a rather strong impression on me, and aroused the desire in me to draw.
The conscious decision to become a painter originated in me when I started to study at the Art School, because we were taught not just to draw, but to feel life through the image. I remember how enthusiastically I mastered new techniques and was proud of my small successes.
In 2012, I graduated from the Yakutsk Art College with a degree in Artist - Painter, by profession - a teacher of painting, but I still continue to study, and I want to develop in the direction of mixing materials in art.

Favorite genres
My specialty is the Artist of Painting, and I like, touching the canvas with my brush, to create paintings using oils and acrylic. By the ability to convey the character of the artist, and the richness of the colors of the painting is not equal. But lately I have been trying myself in Decorative Arts: I embroider, create Art objects and do needlework. Experimenting with different techniques and materials, I add unique elements to the paintings, for example, I boldly use sparkles, sequins and natural material. This gives my work a special charm and originality.

Now I work in various genres, and I really like to give myself up to an emotional impulse in the process of creating my paintings, relying on intuition and mood. Combining painting and decorative elements in my works, I feel that I am expressing my style, and the canvases become even more vibrant and expressive.

My vision of fine art
I not only create art, but also enjoy it myself. I take the atmosphere of an ideal world as the basis of my work. I only draw, taking pleasure and giving free rein to my imagination.

I created this page to share with you my love of art. I am glad that I chose this path, and now I wholeheartedly welcome the fans of my work here. I hope that my work will realize your dreams, and you will share with me the emotions, character, creativity that I invested in them.

I will gladly accept your application for writing your paintings. In addition, I conduct creative workshops in various fields, and I will share with you the accumulated knowledge with pleasure.

  • Styles of art
    Abstractionism, Painting
  • Techniques
    Oil, Mixed technique, Acrylic