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Rooks have arrived

Painting, 1871, 62×48.5 cm

Description of the artwork «Rooks have arrived»

Version that says that "Rooks have arrived" – best picture Savrasov, not quite fair, or rather unfair at all: he left a mass of not less than amazing landscapes. But the most famous is of course. In 1870, the year the artist announced that the Moscow School of painting, sculpture and architecture, where he taught, can no longer provide him with state-owned housing. Savrasov family were actually on the street. He took leave and left for six months in Yaroslavl, as financial support for pick up orders Pavel Tretyakov.

In Yaroslavl in winter after a difficult birth died already Savrasova the fourth child (of six only two survived), wife Sophia was seriously ill. All these adversities the word cleansed the eyes of the artist of the superficial, allowing his talent to emerge in full force. "Rooks have arrived" was a milestone in the history of Russian painting, approving the national lyrical landscape.

Contrary to the intent, the picture is not winter, and spring. In early spring, the artist travelled to the village of Molvitino. His spring landscapes – this is not sun April, not blooming may. Early March is the dearest thing for the artist. Savrasov generally not a fan of "festive", prinesennoy. The picture before us is a Christmas tree in January, the old chapel, clumsy, and not as slim as the selection, birches, spread the puddle begins to melt the snow, grey, low, with occasional glimpses of blue sky. That is the March in Central Russia. And spring begins not with riotous bloom, and with those black birds, arriving to more snow-covered trees, melting of the porous snow.

It is this spring in the painting Savrasov. The landscape is enlivened by the narration and human presence. The artist always loved this technique: to introduce a man into the picture indirectly, in this case, through the winding of the pipe a Christmas tree in January houses the smoke.

Savrasov first showed that nature has no small. His landscapes are technically domestic, but not existentially. But in this way of life depicts a being – eternal, infinite. Arrived together with the spring rooks build their nests in the gnarled birches. Among the birches are distinguishable by a small willow, ready to blossom as a symbol of revival, of resurrection of life after winter hibernation. On the walls of an old bell tower peeling plaster.

Incredibly talented says the sky is not in vain, pompous critics in the period of success Savrasov called him "the king of the sky". The sky is covered with clouds, nowhere to be seen neither the sun nor even the slightest glimmer. However, it is clear that, after a moment, a ray of sunshine breaks through the overcast – this is evidenced by distinct shadows on the melting snow.

In Molvitino Savrasov wrote a lot of sketches and finished painting in Moscow. Pavel Tretyakov came, I saw "Rooks" and immediately declared that buy them for 500 rubles. The society of Amateur artists for the first time was the picture shown, did not appreciate this masterpiece. But at the first exhibition of the Wanderers in St. Petersburg "Rooks" Savrasov created a furor.

Alena Esaulova
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About the artwork

Art form: Painting

Subject and objects: Landscape

Style of art: Realism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Date of creation: 1871

Size: 62×48.5 cm

Artwork in selections: 61 selections

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