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Eduardovna Minasyan

Russia • born in 1995 • artist
Artist in social media

Biography and information

I have chosen a long but interesting path to art. She studied in college as a miniaturist, at the same time she studied folk paintings and decorative applied art. All this resulted in a love for book illustration and utilitarian art.
After college, I entered the academy. Here they instilled in me a love of watercolors and other materials, directions, such as stained glass, mosaic, pottery, small plastic sculpture, porcelain (casting and painting), the basics of icon painting, wall painting and the most enjoyable study of the basics of book illustration.
As a result, I position myself as a general artist. But for me now it is more important to convey feelings, experiences, attitude through art. I am in search of style, but for me the decorative applied beginning will always remain fundamental.