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Russia • Novosibirsk • born in 1988 • artist

Biography and information

Continuing a dynasty of artists in the third generation.
Born and raised in Kirov, Vyatka Province. Since the age of 4 years, was engaged in art studios and workshops. Graduated from art school with honors. She studied at Moscow State University of Printing, upon graduation from which she received a diploma in graphic arts. Her graduation book Temples of Old Vyatka won first place as Best Student Work at the Biennale Non-Fiction 2012. I participated in exhibitions of poster art and graphics. I work in the field of graphic and web design.
I am the author of the "Living Art" project. About the project: A man has a wonderful ability to transform the space around him! Living Painting is a magical artifact, working in its range of a certain direction and helping to improve the quality of reality, of the world around Man. Artistic images carry a huge potential and powerful charge, favorably and fabulously interacting with Man. In every decorative element, in every brush stroke and in every movement of smooth lines of original paintings is the real energy of Life!