Nikolaevna Khudoly

Ukraine • Odes'ka Oblast' • born in 1982 • artist

Biography and information

Born in a family of artists, Odessa, Ukraine. Where I live. Mother is a painter and father is a sculptor. Since childhood, absorbed the artistic taste and watched a bohemian life. She received three special education in the field of art. She graduated from the Grekov Art School in Odessa (studied for 5 years) - the painter received a profession. After college, he graduated from the Architectural and Art Institute in Odessa in two specialties: Architect (Specialist) and designer of the architectural environment (Bachelor) (studied for 6 years). After studying, she worked as an Architect, participated in architectural competitions, as well as in many sculpture competitions with her father Nikolai Khudoly, won the competition for the largest sculpture in Ukraine dedicated to Ioan the Baptist, realized and installed on the Temple in honor of the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Dnepropetrovsk . Currently, I am actively participating in local, national and, if possible, foreign art competitions, I want to convey my work to the masses, and show them to people.