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Armine Khachatryan

artist, art dealer
Armine Khachatryan, now an inventor, writer, designer and artist, whose paintings are popular throughout the world, was born on July 25, 1962, in Armenia to a family of party activists.

From an early age Armine aspired to art, but her parents did not take her seriously. Armine was a diligent student, often getting excellent grades. In high school, Armine was able to use her talent and became useful to public school organizations, decorating posters and decorations for school performances. Teachers referred to Armine as a capable student but lacking focus. However some subjects Armine very much liked and got high marks - it was drawing and physical education. Sports in the life of the future artist could become the meaning of life, as she was seriously engaged in swimming and running.

After graduating from high school, Armine enrolled at the Armenian State Pedagogical Institute, Department of Fine Arts. Where the legendary Arsham Shahinian, who was one of the samples of coloristic painting, becomes her mentor. In her reviews of the teaching style of Arsham Shahinyan, Armine Khachatryan says that he was quite an expressive teacher and if he noticed that the pupil was paying much attention to facial features, namely the "lips and eyes" of the depicted model, he would categorically break the brush of the unwanted. Such a strict approach undoubtedly influenced the skills of the future artist and allowed Armine to reach the level of skill that is now enjoyed by the bohemian society.

After graduating from the Art Institute and receiving the long-awaited diploma with honors, Armine went to work at the "Ararat" Yerevan Brandy Factory, where she became a full-time "poster artist". Her job was to fulfill the creative ideas of her direct supervisors, and she took that job as a given. Her youthful optimism and childhood dreams of creative freedom crumbled like a house of cards. Being a rather optimistic person, Khachatryan accepted her fate and was even quite content with her position and enthusiastically performed her designer's work according to the strict pattern of her superiors. In her spare time, the artist created at the behest of her inspiration.

After her marriage, the money she earned was in short supply, and with the birth of her children there was an urgent need for finances. Armine's own creations, which she exhibited in salons, were not for sale. There was barely enough money to make a living. It was a hard period for Armine Khachatryan's family.

It was time for action and one could say that chased by circumstances into a moneyless frame, wife and mother Armine Khachatryan quit her job as a designer at the "Ararat" factory and set up her own business, the "Rose" company. Within the framework of the organization she took orders for various design projects and simultaneously exhibited her paintings in the art salon "Gallery of Art". That's where Armine got her first regular customers by selling her paintings. Her paintings began to be recognized and after a while her financial problems were resolved.

Having immersed herself in her favorite occupation, the artist receives her first recognition outside of Russia. And it happened in 1993, a friend of Armine Khachatryan goes to Prague, where there is a large auction and takes with a few of her works. The first painting "The Flowers of Love" was sold at this auction. In subsequent years, sales began to increase, and after a couple of years, Armine Khachatryan was already planning works for 2-3 months in advance.

Further events developed very rapidly. Her trip to Europe in 1995 dragged on for 3 months, but Armin Khachatryan was delayed due to her active exhibition activities. Success burst into the artist's everyday life and her exhibitions followed one after another. During her stay in Europe, Armine Khachatryan had three personal exhibitions. Each of her exhibitions attracted more and more of her admirers. After Europe Khachatryan visited the United States and already many famous Americans knew about her art.

Most people who have seen Khachatryan's paintings say that they emit a strong positive energy. The style is not like anyone else's, it has its own subtext, its own technique, that is how you can characterize Armine Khachatryan's works. It is impossible to copy her works, they have too much life and soul. Touching the canvas with brush, refining details with finger and giving more correct lines with palette knife. Layer upon layer, like a fetus in a womb. Accelerating growth as the finished masterpiece approaches, a few more bright details. Here the layer should be saturated, and here barely showing itself, the conflict and not a combination, as a result, coloristic bursts of emotion lead, just to the effect of a positively charged picture, which you want to look at and absorb the energy emanating from it.

Armine also shares that inspiration comes in spurts and work on a painting can be completed overnight, or it can last for months. In general, there is a huge set of works in her head that she wants to create. "In many fields of creativity, people of art live by their creations. Some of them are aimed at satisfying customer demand, while others are nothing but the soul, it's when someone from above directs you into a certain stream of thought, where the soul itself creates with the help of your body," is the artist's own opinion.

Armine Khachatryan regrets the time she wasted doing routine work. But what could have happened, or not happened, if she had started her way as an artist from the first minutes of graduation, perhaps that energy, those very thoughts would have remained in the embryonic state, somewhere in the depths of the creative and subtle soul of the Russian-Armenian artist.

Download the book by Armine Khachatryan: "Apricots are blooming again"

Medal named after 'A. Nobel Medal' (2016, RAE)
Socrates Medal Award (2018, RAE)
Gold Medal "For Innovative Work in Higher Education
Member of the Internet Encyclopedia 'Scientists of Russia'

Advisor of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
Honorary title 'Founder of Scientific Direction' (RAE, 2018)
Honorary title 'Honored Scientist and Technician' (RAE, 2017)
Independent expert of works of monumental and fine art

2014 - RF Invention Group Patent No. 2533053: "Method of mediated nondestructive examination of artistic paintings, monumental or other works of art to reveal their latent individual features (variants), a method of determining the authenticity and/or authorship of an artistic canvas, monumental or other works of art" (2014) [1]
2014 - Patent for "Group of Inventions" of the Russian Federation No. 2534899: "Method of analyzing artistic paintings and other works of art to determine their authorship and/or protection against forgery" [2]


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