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Nikolayevna Streltsova

born in 1965 •
Artist in social media
I've been attracted to the mystery of phenomena since childhood.
When my father showed me the stars of the Big Dipper in the sky, told me about the speed of light, I felt the infinity of space, everything resonated in me as some kind of miracle of the universe.

I grew up. I graduated from the institute, got married. I worked as an engineer, then as an entrepreneur. But after the unexpected death of my father, when I was 29 years old, I began to change my outlook and I began to actively look for another way of realization.
It all started with the energy practice of Reiki.
Working with her immediately began to produce good health results! I believed in her, it seemed to me that this was the best way of realization. There were more and more techniques: Yoga, Meditations, Tibetan healing techniques.

Since 2007 I started to work a lot with young people. We began to develop the Yoga Center, the Children's Center, and the Tourist Retreat Center.
What I dreamed of appeared! I saw how children's eyes filled with awareness, how sick people recovered, how young people aspired to a healthy lifestyle, to development! I was happy!
I have held many seminars, consultations, lectures, studied a lot of astrology, Feng Shui, various techniques of work with the body and consciousness.
But the night sky, outer space, the stars have always grabbed my attention.

In 2020, when I turned 55, an irresistible desire to draw appeared. In the town where I grew up there was no art school, but I liked to draw from pictures. It turned out, probably well, because teachers always asked me to draw different posters. My cousin even offered to help me get ready and go to art school in the university. But at the age of 17 it didn't seem like a serious occupation to me. I liked math and physics.
Who would have thought that after so many years I would discover this talent? I was captivated by the Fluid Art technique. I watched this magic with such awe - how the colors flowed, how new shades, bubbles, lines appeared... I felt how I could use this technique to show the bottomless expanse of the Cosmos, and apply the Stars, Planets on top.
I just tune in and with trepidation and excitement create each painting as something unique, something that can never be repeated.
I add my energies and knowledge to each painting. For example, each picture from the series "Signs of the Zodiac" contains a different level of sacred information - the constellations of each sign, symbols that are visible explicitly or implicitly, the color scheme corresponds to the energies of the ruling planet of each sign, the number of planets - the numerological code of the ruling planet.
I have been working with Astrology for so long that the energies of the Cosmos, each Zodiacal Sign, each Planet, capture me, flow over the edge, manifest themselves in events. Especially telling was the situation when I was creating a picture of the sign Scorpio (you can see in the description of this picture)
If I leave my hometown and have no opportunity to paint for at least a week, I feel that I miss the joy of creativity, inspiration, magical realization. It is even difficult to explain in words how it thrills me to take part in the birth of something new and beautiful. When I create, I feel a great sense of gratitude to the world for such a wonderful opportunity of realization.
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