Евгения Бова • Painting, 2019, 120×100×2.5 cm

Description of the artwork «Fruits»

Do you have photos from your childhood in which you pose against the background of a Christmas tree, beautiful flowers or an interesting building?

Do you recognize yourself in a child from this picture? A moment ago the girl was engaged in her childrens affairs: she played in the garden, dreamed, invented fairy-tale worlds. In the meantime her parents really wanted to capture her against the background of a beautiful garden, but the girl did not want to break away from her games, so she was a little upset, but agreed.

Can you imagine yourself in the place of the girl’s parents? They saw something incredibly beautiful: graceful branches bent under the weight of the fruits of ripe persimmons. It was so beautiful that they wanted to capture this moment, but for the perfect shoot they lacked the most important thing - their child. For their precious pearl, the child, only a precious setting is possible. Parents are beyond the scope of the picture, but the light that falls on the branches and fruits is not the ray of the setting sun, it is the light of love and pride, which I tried to convey with paints and brushes.

This picture is not only about the relationship between parents and the child. It is more about how strong our emotions could be, when we value someone or something. It can be a person, the result of our work or life itself. These feelings are able to illuminate everything around us. At the same time, we can become the object of these feelings. We understand it only years later, while turning over pages of an old photo album.

• Unframed oil painting on gallery wrapped natural linen canvas.
• Hanging hardware is included.
• Will be shipped in cardboard box.
• Includes Certificate of Authenticity.