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Russia • Anapa • born in 1985 • artist
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Long live the harmony of the world! Creativity is a way of discovering it: I solve something akin to a mathematical problem, going from a formula - abstract spots - to a conditional reality, to an image.
The 20th century has given us an incredible variety of artistic movements, among which the greatest influence on my work has been the aesthetics and precision of objectless painting and the emotional imagery of Francis Bacon's work. Creative dialog with such expressiveness is part of my credo as an artist.
Geometry! It reigns in the painting and beckons me: the desire to curb it, to subdue it or, having understood it, to submit to it, is my way to the expressiveness and ontology of the image.
Existentiality. Man's place in the world: the individual and the being of a thing - their relationship on my canvases: at first they were neighboring and competing (a series of desert landscapes 2014-218).), then the individual went beyond conventional reality, probably tired of the nausea created by the pressure of matter, and became the viewer - the main character who is not on the canvas (the series "Roundabouts"); now, working on the third series, I am using the clues that Geometry gives me and weaving together thing and space, subordinating the viewer to this fabric and expanding the area of his freedom: the viewer is no longer a passive observer - he chooses where to be.
Down with the personality of the creator! Imposing oneself on the viewer destroys the expression of color, form, composition - what constitutes creative freedom, which should be not only for the artist, but also for his accomplice - the viewer.
All works are made in the technique of acrylic on canvas / cardboard. Modernism style.
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