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Russia • Gorno-Altaysk • born in 1993 • artist

Biography and information

Greetings, dear guest))))In my profile you can see the path of my creativity and development as a self-taught artist.Why self-taught?
I was born at the junction of two different lives.In Altai.This is the place where very expensive vacation for tourists and very expensive survival for the local population.And the local population itself is trying to get money from the neighbor for everything that can be thought of.
At one point I decided to learn the basics of creativity.But received a powerful blow under the breath prices for lessons.Well, I decided to learn on my own.
A significant fact: at school in my village there was no teacher of drawing and drafting. Hence, you can only imagine how new to me was a passion for creativity.
Sit back and enjoy the story of self-taught development))))