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Lithuania • Vilniaus Apskritis • born in 1996 • artist
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Biography and information

Kate Pepinova -artist -
Hello, I am Kate Pepinova, artist.
I have been painting for over 12 years.
Participated in several international exhibitions and museum projects.
In my workshop you can choose from any wishes - oil, acrylic, charcoal, pencil in combination with various execution techniques. The priority is originality and a creative approach to work. The work can be done in any color, texture and size.
My works will not tie your gaze to any one plot, even if it starts to get boring, you can simply turn it over and your space will be refreshed again.
Ideal for plain walls in modern interiors. It is possible to carry out work both on standard stretchers and on gallery stretchers, on canvases of different textures and densities.