Yurievich Mikhalev

Russia, Mexico, United States • Moscow • born in 1982 • artist
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My main style is abstractionism. I experiment in directions such as abstract expressionism. The creative goal is to develop the ability to unconsciously convey an image in an expressive way. I was born on the island of Sakhalin in 1982, Russia. Graduated from Maikop Technological Institute in 2005. Military service in 2006. 2008 - moved to Moscow. 2008 - 2014 Internet marketer. 2014 - 2018 Internet entrepreneur. From 2018 to the present - I devote all my time to creative work, studying contemporary styles in painting, as well as studying the art market. Since 2018, after a series of events and insights, I decide to start a career as an artist. After that, the active artistic work, the first sales and the search for myself begins. During 2019-2020 I paint paintings and start collaborations with designers and gallerists. In 2021, I open my first solo exhibition in the Moscow region. In 2022, I visit Mexico where I study the local art market, after returning to Russia I discover a lot for myself... In 2023, I continue my creative work in my studio in the Moscow region, and look for ways to develop myself as an artist. My works are in private collections in the USA, Mexico and Russia.
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