Alexandrovna Bogdazhevskaya

Russia • Chelyabinskaya Oblast' • born in 1999 • artist
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Hi, everybody. My name is Aya I am 24 years old I have been doing art since my childhood. Since I was six years old I went to art school, graduated from it in 2014 and then entered the state Ozersk College of Arts, where I studied until 2018.
After graduating from college, I went to Cheboksary in Chuvashia. I thought that there I would start my new life, find a job, go to university. But something went wrong there too. I went around all the educational institutions, but there was nothing that I need. Suddenly in one of the institutions I saw the profession I wanted. But I was one day late and the enrollment was over. And then I decided to apply online to the city of Yekaterinburg. I leave, I pass my exams and enter a higher education institution, but did not pass on points on the budget and transferred to a fee. But later I thought that I do not need so I had nothing to pay for education and at the same time to live in a new city. After all, you need to work, eat and other things. I began to try myself in different spheres of work. To work on a specialty, which I did not like very much. I like to do so to bring beauty to people. Beauty is different for everyone, but not the kind that says garage sale on a white background. It all emotionally exhausted me and I went on to find my way in parallel I took orders and painted portraits. So my path and continued until 2023 with all my efforts and thoughts, etc., that I put. I couldn't get anywhere, I couldn't get a job anywhere. And as a last resort, I decided to plunge headlong into something that I have always enjoyed and that brings me some income. I am slowly developing, learning new things and trying new things and I like it.
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