Farhatovna Saiguly

Turkey • Ankara • born in 1985 • artist
Artist in social media

Biography and information

Alsu Saygyly was born in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation, in 1985.
In 2006 graduated from the Russian International Academy of Tourism, management of organizations.
Since 2009 she has been living permanently in Ankara, Turkey. At the same time, she started her training at the municipal courses on traditional Turkish ceramic painting.
In 2015-2018, she began her oil painting training in private courses with artist Raif Gekkush.
2017-2022 she continued her studies in academic drawing and watercolor painting with artist David Ughrelidze.
2015-2019 - participated in joint exhibitions of paintings in the art gallery "Sardunya", Ankara
2015-2019 - participated in handicraft fairs, Ankara city
2023 - participated in the large-scale ART Contact Istanbul event
Married, mom of two.