Nikolaevich ZavyalovPRO

Russia • Dubna • born in 1970 • artist
I'm a self-taught artist. In my youth I liked to draw with a simple pencil. I drew everywhere, even in class. I avoided watercolors and gouache.
Time passed, I grew up. Skinny-do's went on the back burner. At the age of 44, I took up aqua makeup. That would have been fine. But, no matter how much labor was invested, all the beauty went away with the holiday.
And now, I'm 48. I came across Brian Viveros' paintings by chance. I fell in love with some of his works. I wanted to create something similar, but with my own twist.
Oil paints were a discovery for me. I spent a lot of time studying this material. It took 1.5 years for all the thin ideas. Another 1.5 years was spent on practicing the artistic elements, brush and mastichin. At the same time learning the basics of oil. 25 years of experience in automotive coloristry, allowed me to easily mix all the necessary colors and shades. And now I am 53, with excitement I want to show my "Art" to the public.
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