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Russia • Saint Petersburg • born in 1966 • artist
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Biography and information

Born in Zyryanka settlement, Yakutia Sakha.
Place of residence St. Petersburg
Higher education, engineer
Painting training: online "Painting School of Nadezhda Yuryina" 2019-2021;
tOP painting" course of the school "OGIVITEL" 2021;

member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia since 2022.

2021г. Online exhibition at the school "Oil Painting"

2021г. St. Petersburg. Exhibition "New Year's Kaleidoscope" W&P Gallery

2023 Moscow. Exhibition "Floral ART-Market". Exhibition hall of the City Estate of F.A.Ardolinov.

2023г. All-Russian art contest of painting and applied art "Palette of talents", 1st degree diploma.

2023г. St. Petersburg, exhibition "Contemplation" Artona Gallery

2023г. St. Petersburg, exhibition "Premonition of Holiday" RA-ART Gallery

2023г. St. Petersburg, exhibition "New Year's Gift" Bryullov Mansion

2024г. St. Petersburg, personal exhibition "Aesthetics of colors" in "Artona_gallery"

Tatiana's paintings are an attempt to convey the beauty and harmony of nature, to ignite in the hearts of people a spark of wonder and admiration for its majesty. Nature has an ineffable magic and each moment of its life has its own unforgettable, unique character. She strives to remain true to her vision of the world and convey it through painting. Tatiana believes that her art can inspire people to take care of nature and preserve its beauty for future generations.
She takes a classical, realistic approach to painting, often painting with glazes.
Explores different techniques for her own development as an artist.