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City of tel aviv urban landscape naive israeli artist colorful painter

Raphael perez israeli artist • Street art, 60×140×3 cm

Description of the artwork «City of tel aviv urban landscape naive israeli artist colorful painter»

The characteristics of Israeli painter Raphael Perez's naive paintings concern a naive art that is often characterized in paintings of cities in Israel and around the world. In each city, Raphael chooses the sites, the famous landmark buildings, which also have a particular architectural form, Raphael carefully reconstructs the city to plan the city with lots of vegetation, boulevards full of trees that create shade, in many works, there's also the figure of the painter who's painting the picture, balloons, kites and everything else that creates a naïve, joyful atmosphere; in most paintings, there are couples of a man and a woman kissing, or paintings of families of a man and a woman and a child, a central motif is kindergarten children queuing while at the front of the line a kindergarten teacher walks with the national flag of the painted city, several girls in red dresses and a kindergarten teacher at the end of the column when everyone is waving national flags, the scenes are idyllic of everyday life, busy glorifying innocence, use of bright colors full of vitality that match the children's point of view. The paintings are very easy to understand and interpret, and simplicity is one of their most striking characteristics. In his paintings, Raphael expresses his heart's desire to know what our world should be like. This vision is expressed in many colors and in an optimistic, positive view of the world.

Characteristics of naive art
1. Tell a simple, easy-to-remember story from everyday life, usually involving humans.
2. Represents the painter's idealization of reality - embellishes reality.
3. Inability to maintain perspective - especially detail, even in distant detail