andreevna durova

Brief biographical note

Alexandra Andreyevna Durova is an artist-restorer of the Russian Museum

Graduated from the restoration department of the N.K. Roerich St. Petersburg Art School, specializing as an artist-restorer. During her studies, she participated in field restoration practices under the guidance of I.V. Yarygina and M.D. Uryupina, restorers of the highest category.

Worked as an artist-restorer in the workshop of restoration of graphics of the Department of Restoration of the Russian Museum from 17.10.2005 to 06.08.2013.

Since 2021 - to the present time - artist-restorer of the Graphic Arts Restoration Department of the Russian Museum.

In 2023, by Order of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation on the basis of the decision of the new State Attestation Commission, the category of artist-restorer of works of graphic art was awarded.

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