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Ilyich Pivnik

Biography and information

Timofey Ilyich Pivnik (born January 22, 1993) - interior designer, muralist, member of the Union of Designers of Russia, head of the Interior Design Studio "LORENZIO". Founder of the design school "Lorenzio School". Owner of the furniture store "TIMROOM".
He was born into the family of icon painter and restorer Ilya Iosifovich Pivnik and Natalia Davidovna Petrova.
From 2002 to 2004 he studied with icon painter and landscape painter A. Ponomarev. В.
In 2005 he entered the workshop of Fyodorov F.B. - painter, author of historical paintings.
From 2006 to 2011 studied at the Ioganson Secondary Art School. He studied in the studio of honored artist of the RSFSR Kirillova Larisa Nikolaevna. During this period Timofey Pivnik became interested in the Nevskaya Palitra paint factory and began to sponsor the young artist.
In 2011 he was awarded the gold medal of the Academy of Arts by Z.K. Tsereteli for his academic achievements.
In 2011 he entered the Repin Russian Academy of Arts. Studied under I. Petrov, G. Manasherov, D. Kolegova, A. Denderina, A. Pogosyan. A. A. Graduated from the monumental workshop of A. K. Bystrov.
Since 2012, he has been painting walls, mosaics, stained glass and decorating interiors of apartments, private homes and commercial premises.
2013 г. - founder and art director of Lorenzio interior design studio in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Since 2018, the studio has also been working in New York.
In 2018 - founded the Lorenzio School of Interior Design, where he developed an author's system of training, which can be used to learn basic skills in interior design in a short time.
By 2018, he has completed more than 350 design projects in Russia and the USA. He has designed 8000 m2 of residential and commercial real estate.
Known for his original approach to interior design using virtual reality (VR). He is involved in the planning, design and decoration of houses of famous movie actors, writers, journalists and public figures. He works in contemporary and neoclassical style. His premises are characterized by ergonomics and thoughtfulness of details. He uses a lot of author's decor.
1. "Why you need design in the interior" the book deals with the purpose and goals of design in the interior.
2. "Unreal Reality" A discourse on virtual reality, the pros and dangers of this technology.
3. "Human Ecology" Dedicated to the issues of preserving personal health in the conditions of modern social environment and information environment possible.

Known customers:
- "ROSSETI, the operator of electric grids in Russia, is the largest energy company in Russia and the world that provides electricity transmission and distribution.
- "Russian Railways" Russian Railways.
- "TagraS-Holding.
- "FGC UES" Federal Grid Company of the Unified Energy System.
- "SMU-2" Construction company specializing in the design and construction of civil and industrial facilities.
- "Durisol" British Block Works.
- "Kotáni is an Austrian manufacturer of spices and seasonings.

Contests, awards:
- Gold Medal of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, 2011.
- D. S. Likhachev Star, 2010.
- VII Igor Minakov Award Competition "Winners' March" 2012. Winner of the Second Prize.
- Winner of the 2018 Design Project of the Year, Beautiful Homes Magazine in the Design Project category.