Valentinovna Vovchenko

Russia • Moscow and Moscow Oblast • born in 2003 • artist
Ordering an artwork

Biography and information

Hello. My name is Vovchenko Anna, I am an aspiring artist in the direction of psychedelic surrealism.
I hope that my writing will cause you some mild fear.

Participation in exhibitions:
1. 28.11.2021 - HQ exhibition from Kotartfest;
2. 15.12.2021 - 16.01.2022 - exhibition "Starfall" in the gallery "Here on Taganka";
3. - international exhibition "ART PANORAMA-2022" (participation confirmed).

A new direction in creative endeavors:
1. Order of work on the wall (total area of work - 6 square meters);
2. Order of work on the wall on wallpaper (total area of work - 12 square meters);
3. Order of work on walls for capoeira school (total area of work - 80 square meters). Realization is planned for September.

Participation in other artistic endeavors:
1. Creation of posters for the events of the CT&B faculty bureau at the Moscow Polytechnic University;
2. Creating scenery for the play "The Flying Ship";
3. Creation of scenery for a performance competition at the Russian University of Chemical Technology;
4. Volunteering at Recycle Group's "New Nature" art duo exhibition at Winzavod;
5. Invited guest for the "Together" benefit exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts.