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Trained as a Graphic Designer at the University of Panama (2001), he expanded his artistic training with drawing workshops with Olga Sinclair since he was a child. He began his professional life creating websites since 1998 and since then he has developed professionally as a designer and creative projects in advertising agencies, standing out in his current work as Art Director at Bcomm (BB&M Publicidad). He has excelled in several logo contests in which stands out the first place selection in Rome at the Vatican for his logo development for WYD 2019 and other logos which has allowed him to travel to Colombia to participate in the regional congress of advertising Cartagena Inspira. He has also developed for artists album covers, book covers, product labels and a number of logos with their conceptual developments and development of brand identity or "Branding". He loves casual and professional photography. He is a collector of antique books, postage stamps, coins, paper money, comics, brochures, records, scale cars and jewelry, all these have managed to refine the detail, taste and all these hobbies create his own style when conceptualizing his designs and finally translate it into his pieces. His work is characterized by the construction of digital collages based on the superposition of vintage photographs and pictograms, on balanced geometric compositions to which he incorporates elements of pop imagery from the second half of the twentieth century, such as airplanes, flowers, models, actresses, geometry and elements of science fiction. In recent times due to the global pandemic, he became interested in painting on canvas and since then it has also become more than a hobby, a new passion for the fine arts that he has always had but had not been able to experiment with brush in hand. As a result of his various sketches taken to canvas in oil technique, the art curator of Menú Creativo in Panama City has come to appreciate his work and is now part of an art collective in which he has already had public exposure of his works both digital collage and canvas art.
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