Vladimirovich Lebedev

Russia • Tverskaya Oblast' • born in 1984 • artist

Biography and information

I, Sergei Lebedev.
I was born in the village of Sushigoritsy, Sandovsky district. As a child, my family moved to the Tver region and I spent my entire conscious life here. I studied in Tver, graduated from the Tver Technological College, specializing in construction management. And most of my life was engaged in construction. From working for hire, to having my own construction company.

But there was always an understanding that I wanted to do something creative. Something where the soul and mind would merge into one. So I finished the "Fundamentals of Drawing" course and started to create.

At the same time, a transformation took place inside of me that continues to this day. That is the basis of my creativity. I paint oil, acrylic and charcoal. I work in abstraction and show my vision of the world.

So you could say I'm an emerging artist with a lot of potential.

I will be glad if my works will find a response from you. I create my masterpieces with a soul, deep meaning and a great high.