Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan • Almaty • born in 2000 • artist
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Kasiet Zholchu - was born on February 18, 2000 in Bishkek.
Her childhood was spent with her grandparents in a small mountain village. This time was the most vivid and impressive, in its nature, to her imagination. It was there that her love for drawing manifested itself - she felt that she was a little observer and that through her drawings she was talking about the world around her. Kasiet recalls that as a child it was easier for her to draw her thoughts than to tell them.

After graduating from high school, she fully immersed herself in learning the basics of painting and finding her way as an artist. After trying her hand at different mediums and materials, Kasiet settled on oil painting, painting her first significant works and participating in exhibitions. In her paintings, she shows herself from multiple sides and reveals the inner dilemmas that disturb her essence. In her desire to convey the inner impulse and call that drives her to create, she confronts herself with the hypertrophied dimensions and precariousness of existence. Life with its challenges gives her an idea from which a new portal to a whole world is born.
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