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Wang Wei


Born into a wealthy bureaucratic family. Received a Confucian education. He served at the court. Was editor of the Imperial edicts, and censor, studied Buddhism. The early poems of Vladimir ("Luoyang girl", "the feast of chrysanthemums", etc.) testify to his rare talent. He was one of the founders of the direction of "landscape lyrics". The poet and the painter, V. V. finely celebrated in the poems of subtle colors and shades of nature ("Red beans", "the Path among the acacia trees", "Beach in the Bush of the dogwood"). Vladimir — the founder of monochrome landscape painting. Performed painting on silk and the wall.

The exact dates of birth and death unknown. It is considered that Wang Wei was born in 701, died in 761, he was born in 699, and died in 759 g.

Born in the city of Qi (modern. the territory of Qixian County in Shaanxi province in the Northwest of Central China), in the family official.

In 717, moved to the capital city of Chang'an (modern. XI'an), where he passed the preliminary examination test and became a candidate for a degree and public office from the Metropolitan area.

In 721, passed the highest state exams Danesi, who were usually the subjects were asked questions by the Emperor. He received the title of Jinshi and the right to enter public service.

Appointed official in the Imperial court and the temple of the ancestors, responsible for the execution of ritual music.

After a short service at the court of Emperor Swanstone fell into disgrace and was exiled. Formal occasion - the execution of court dancers noncanonical dance.

Until the middle of the 720-s. served as a petty official in the provincial seaside area of jizhou (modern. Shandong province in East China).

At the end of the 720-s. bought the estate on the river Wenchuan near the capital, where he founded a poetic circle.

In 734, at the advice of the chief Imperial Minister Zhang Sulina receives high public office - first as chief Advisor, and then Imperial censor.

In 737, the disgrace of his patron Zhang Culina forced to leave the capital. Many around the country, receiving appointments to minor positions.

In 745 g. returned to the capital and takes office as the first chief Secretary of the civil chamber, and then Secretary of the Imperial court.

In 755, during the rebellion of General an Lushan was captured by rebels and imprisoned in a Buddhist temple Poticy.

In 758, after the expulsion of the rebels and return to the capital of the new Emperor Suzzana received the appointment shanshu uchana Deputy Minister.

After a short service he retires and settles in a country house in the Zhongnan mountains, where until his death (at the age of 60 years) leads the life of a hermit Chan.

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