Anatolievich Melnyk

Russia • Ufa • born in 1962

Biography and information

Painter painter. Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the International Federation of Artists.
Sergey Melnik was born in Ufa on July 12, 1962. He received his art education at the A. Kuznetsov Children's Art School No. 1 (teacher - Lyudmila Pegova), Ufa Art School in 1977 (course of Alexey Kudryavtsev), and graduated by correspondence from the Art and Graphic Department of the M. Akmulla State Pedagogical University. As a talented student, he received recommendations from famous artists Rashit Nurmukhametov and Alexander Shutov for admission to the Repin Institute in Moscow. IE Repin Institute in Leningrad (now the city of St. Petersburg). In Leningrad, a free student Melnik settled in a profitable house on the Vyborg side. There was a huge library, and the young artist read a lot. But one will not be fed on spiritual food. There was practically no money left, but I was fed by a neighbor girl," he says. - She worked at the manufactory 24 hours a day in three and when she left for her shift, at night I used to lug potatoes from my neighbors in the communal apartment. In the studio of Evsei Moiseenko Sergei met the legends of Soviet art Boris Ugarov, Dmitry Bisti. Later he got a job in the workshops of sculptor Mikhail Anikushin, helping to cast molds for the Monument to the Heroic Defenders of Leningrad on Victory Square. He worked all summer and decided to go to Ufa at the end of the vacation. And then he was taken to the Navy. He served in the ranks of the Soviet Navy. During the service the young sailor drew a lot, issued wall newspapers. His talent was noticed and offered to send him to study at the studio of military artists named after Mitrofan Grekov in Moscow. He could also return to the Repin Academy. But his mother became seriously ill, and he decided to stay in Ufa. He got a job as a ceramist, an artist-designer at the plant "Hydraulics". The talented artist showed remarkable abilities and in the field of poetry. His poems were published in the national press and the youth magazine "Parus". In difficult perestroika time Sergey Melnik was engaged in design activity, decorative and applied art, developed trademarks, sketches of badges, postcards, interiors, worked in the North in the city of Raduzhny. The artist has more than 60 exhibitions of various levels, international, all-Russian, regional, interregional, as well as 15 personal exhibitions. The search for a universal language that can equally express the most different categories of existence, play an important role in the work of S. A. Melnik. In his works he masterfully combines complex intellectualism and refined psychologism. His canvases, painted using the postmodernist paradigm, evoke a whole range of associations with the paintings of Bosch and Rembrandt. Using a complex pictorial technique the author creates his own plastic language, the world of his paintings is a world of fantasy, the game of imagination and jokes of perception. He wrote about 500 graphic works, about 300 oil paintings. The works are in the collection of the All-Russian Foundation of Culture, the Bashkir State Art Museum named after M. V. Nesterov, the city of Sviyazhsk and Karaidelsky district, as well as in the Children's Art School № 2 of Ufa, in private collections of ours. Ufa, in private collections of our country and abroad.