Nadarovna Kaishauri

Russia • Saint Petersburg • born in 1956
production designer at Lenfilm. member of the Russian Union of Cinematographers and the Berlin Union of Artists.
A graduate of the St. Petersburg Stieglitz Academy of Art and Industry. After working for more than 15 years as a costume designer at Lenfilm and becoming a member of the Union of Artists, Marina expanded her geography, going to Germany for a while. Now the artist lives and works both abroad and in her hometown. Despite the moves, Marina remains a truly St. Petersburg artist, with that type of artistic thinking, which is so difficult to grasp, as well as the essence of St. Petersburg, but which is impossible not to feel, being in it. Indeed, the heroes of Kaishauri's paintings, like the heroes of the most St. Petersburg writer Dostoevsky, are grotesque and sometimes ugly, but at the same time attractive and deep. They exist organically on canvases, coming to life in plastic, musical strokes, and their beauty is never deliberate and shouty. And mysticism, inherent in the paintings, makes you look into them, immerse yourself, continuing this or that plot: "...Interesting technique, which the artist often resorts to: overlaying paint on a rough-relief sub-layer, she achieves the effect of "detachment" space, some semi-mystical tangibility of the foreground, the exit of the image beyond the plane of the base ...". Each picture for the artist - whether lyrical, dramatic and epic subjects, equally amenable to her brush - is an attempt to ask a question. An appeal, a desire to reveal, to know, to ask, to offer the possibility of an answer...To herself? To the audience? Eternity? It is not so important. What is important is that Marina is not afraid and strives to ask questions, not to answer them, thus creating real art, not moralizing. But, as it often happens, the right question, or even a piece of a question, unexpectedly contains the answer. The main thing is not to try to find it, but only to respond to the sign that the artist offers. In the case of Marina Kaishauri's paintings it is easy, because as it was said in one of the articles about the artist's work: "...Marina Kaishauri's paintings carry a certain semantic and figurative potential, which activates the viewer's thought, gives him the opportunity to think up the picture and thus makes him a co-participant in the creative act...". Marina Kaishauri works in several genres at once - lyrical, dramatic and epic. The semantic variation and multiple meanings of the plots give the viewers an opportunity to "think up the picture". Tatyana Brylina's works are distinguished by a fine sense of color and composition. Her favorite genre of watercolors is landscapes, and the theme is palace parks.
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