Alexandrovich Malinka

Ukraine • Donets'ka Oblast' • born in 1950 • artist
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Biography and information

Malinka Alexander Alexandrovich, was born on 02.03.1950, Donetsk. Studied at the art school. After graduation from the educational school, entered the Crimean art school named after Samokish. Samokisha. After the first course service in the army, after the army, finished his studies. After the 3rd course (1973) he entered the Academy of Arts named after I.E. Repin, Leningrad. In 1979 he graduated from the Painting Department of the Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture of the Academy of Arts of the USSR in Leningrad. Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR since 1985, an active participant of regional, republican, all-Union and foreign exhibitions, in the 1980s Chairman of the youth association of the Donetsk branch of the Union of Artists. Works are in collections of the Donetsk Republican Art Museum, as well as in museums and private collections of Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Japan in 1990 Kyoto, Tokyo, Okinawa, Otaru, Sapporo, Matsumoto. Awarded a diploma of the 2nd degree and the title of Laureate of the Republican competition dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Stakhanov's movement. Personal exhibition "Donetsk-Leningrad-Donetsk" in 2018. I am included in the directory unified artistic rating, professional union of artists, issue № 10, Moscow 2005, 4th category. I work in the field of easel painting: thematic painting, portrait, landscape, still life. A graduate of the workshop of the USSR artist I. A. Serebryanyi, always encouraging his students to develop an individual creative manner, careful study of painting techniques of the old masters, strict compositional selection, in which the secondary is always subordinate to the main idea of the work, competently and expressively built color gamut - these tips master, I follow throughout his creative work, the desire for full-blooded painting, the departure from the welfare, the aggravation of the form, composition, color dominance in the entire plane, the culture of the art of the artist. Took part in the exhibition of participants of the CIS. Fine Art of Ukraine 2011. Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine since 1985. Bright Crimean nature, inspired me for many years, this was facilitated by close acquaintance with the outstanding landscape artists of the Crimea: F. Zakharov, V. Tolochko, V. Stolyarenko. The desire to create a complete "Picture" and at the same time bright emotional landscape.