nikolaevich chepurnoy

Russia • born in 1962
Battle painter, sculptor, blacksmith. member of the Union of Artists of Russia.
Anatoly Nikolayevich was born on December 29, 1962 in Starominskaya village. Graduated from a children's art school, then graduated from the Krasnodar People's University of Culture, specializing in Design and Industrial Aesthetics. Since 1985 he moved to Kronstadt (St. Petersburg). Works of a professional artist-batalist, whose paintings are exhibited in the museums of our country. Works in the Central Naval Museum named after Emperor Peter the Great, Starominsky Museum exhibited "Before the last battle", "The end of the Battle of Stalingrad", "The Dumas of the Knight", sketch "In the sky above the Kuban" and others. Children and adults pay special attention to the collection "The Ases of the Second World War". It includes more than sixty models of airplanes, which the artist collected and presented to the Starominsk museum.
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