nikolaevich shkuratov

Belarus • Grodnenskaya Oblast' • born in 1945
belarusian graphic artist, watercolorist, poet. Member of the Belarusian Union of Artists.
He was born on November 14, 1945 in the town of Oshmyany, Grodno region in the family of a serviceman. From 1971 to 1976 studied at the Kirov Vitebsk State Pedagogical Institute at the Faculty of Art and Graphic Arts. After graduating from the institute until 1986 he worked in Vitebsk art and production workshops. From 1985 to 1993 he taught a course of arts and crafts at the 11th secondary school in Vitebsk. From 1993 to 2008 he worked as a teacher at the Department of Fine Arts of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the P.M. Masherov All-Union State University. Since 1993 - Member of the Belarusian Union of Artists. Works in watercolor and easel graphics, giving preference to landscape and still life. Among the works: "Braslav Nights" (1995), "Winter Landscape with Monastery" (1998), "Silence" (2002), "Winter Day" (2002), "Daisies" (2007), "Vitebsk over Dvina" (2008); triptychs "Cosmic Harmony" (1995), "Autumn Symphony" (2001), "Atlantis" (2006); polyptych "Morning. Day. Evening. Night" (1994); series "Old Vitebsk" (1991-1993), "Landscapes of Vitebshchina" (1990-1993), "My World" (1994), "Seasons of the Year" (2002) and others. Solo exhibitions: 1994 Exhibition Gallery, Ulzen, Germany; 1995 Cinema "Spartak", Vitebsk; 1997 Central Exhibition Hall, Vitebsk; 1998 Hall of the library named after Mayakovsky, Novosibirsk; 1998 Hall of the library named after Mayakovsky, Novosibirsk. Mayakovsky Library Hall, Novopolotsk; 2000. Literary Museum, Vitebsk; 2004 Polytechnic University, Novopolotsk; 2005 Center of Folk Crafts and Arts "Zadvigne", Vitebsk; 2008 Literary Museum, Vitebsk; 2015. Palace of Arts, Minsk. Participant of all-Union, regional, city and many international exhibitions in Germany, France, Spain, Russia. Bright, fresh colors give his works a special tenderness and effulgence of color. Gloomy almost monochrome works are juxtaposed with bright, carefully executed landscapes, and light airy watercolors are replaced by philosophical works. More than three thousand of his works are in private collections of near and far abroad. Also in the asset I. Shkuratov four collections of poems. In his works, the artist addresses a variety of themes. One of the most exciting for him is the theme of the cosmos. Space graphics in the work of I. Shkuratov begins to appear since 1993. Igor Shkuratov is an artist, poet and dreamer. Extraterrestrial alien mind, mysterious, enigmatic and intriguing, became the theme for several series of works, which the artist presents at this exhibition of his works, united by the title "Enelonica". The civilization of the mysterious planet Niberu, images of its inhabitants, alien intelligence, captured on canvas and paper, bring the viewer into a new dimension, make the viewer philosophize, fantasize, think about the fact that we are not alone in this vast cosmos. The artist's works are painted in a sprawling, bright way, using new colors, new accents and new emotions. Igor Shkuratov admits that his poems and graphic drawings dedicated to the theme of space are a kind of message from the outside, which allowed him to get in touch with the higher mysteries of existence.
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