Vasilyevich Fetisov

Russia • Saint Petersburg • born in 1955

Biography and information

painter painter painter painter.
Alexei Fetisov was born on March 25, 1955 in the family of a cadre officer in the city of Bryansk. Graduated from high school and art studio at the House of Pioneers. He worked as a teacher of drawing and drafting, then as an artist-designer at the Bryansk slate factory. Another profession of Alexey Vasilievich is a pilot: having studied at the Kharkov Higher Military Aviation School, he served for several years in the Chuguev aviation regiment on a MIG-21 airplane. After coming to Leningrad, the birthplace of his childhood favorite Ilya Repin, Alexei Fetisov received higher artistic education at the Faculty of Architecture at LISI and in the LVCPU named after Mukhina, in absentia at the Moscow University of Arts, in the school of artists-designers at the Smolny. He worked at the enterprises of Leningrad and Gatchina, in particular, at the Leningrad Institute of Nuclear Physics (LINP) and at the Gatchina Palace-Museum. Since 1994, Alexei Fetisov has been working as a freelance artist in his own creative studio in Gatchina. Alexey Fetisov has been engaged in advertising and interiors, development of company marks, emblems, design of books, congratulatory addresses. He worked with teachers of the Academy of Arts in the Caucasus, Moldova. His favorite genres are landscape, still life, book graphics. In his work he uses academic watercolor, tempera, mixed technique, oil. Unusual accuracy of drawing and inner vividness - so in a few words can characterize his work. Alexey Vasilyevich is a participant of numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad. He was repeatedly elected Chairman of the Gatchina Association of Artists. At present Alexey Vasilyevich works in creative tandem with his wife Julia Prokhorova. His works are in museums of many cities of Russia and neighboring countries, as well as in private collections of many countries, in Germany, France, Finland, Poland, Scotland, Sweden.
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