Vladimirovich vyazov

Russia • Saint Petersburg • born in 1937

Biography and information

artist painter, astrophysicist.
Valentin was born on May 1, 1937 in Leningrad. During the Great Patriotic War Valentin Vyazovov and his parents were evacuated to Berezniki. During the hard war years Valentin drew on any scrap of paper, on the back of drawings that his parents brought from work, he traded pencils from schoolmates for oil cake, pine nuts, resin for chewing. After the evacuation of the whole family Valentin Vyazovov returned to Leningrad, he graduated from art school. But art did not become the main business of his life - more important for him has always been astrophysics. After studying at St. Petersburg State University, he worked at the Pulkovo Observatory, then at the computing center of the Leningrad Military District Headquarters. In 1978, Valentin Vladimirovich received a PhD in the closed field of text encryption - he developed technical devices for producing persistent types of text complications. Vyazovov has two inventions and 12 proposals for special equipment, all his publications are in the closed press. Being a military astrophysicist, Vyazovov served in different regions of our country and abroad. Since 2006, he has been the secretary of the St. Petersburg regional group of the Newtonian Scientific Society.