Anatolievich Filippov

Russia • Saint Petersburg • born in 1954

Biography and information

Russian artist and architect. Member of the Union of Artists of Russia, the Union of Architects of Russia.
Born December 13, 1954, in Leningrad in the family of an architect (Filippova Tamara). In 1979 he graduated from the Repin Leningrad State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. During the following decade he actively participated in the "paper architecture" movement in a group of young Soviet architects, who for the first time in the history of Soviet architecture had great success at international awards and exhibitions. In 1983 he joined the Union of Architects of Russia, in 1984 - the Union of Artists of Russia. Since 1994 he has been the chief architect of CJSC "Lenpolproekt". In 1994 Filippov opened his own studio, whose works have been awarded various prizes in the field of architecture and design. Since 1997 he has been a professor of the International Academy of Architecture, and since 1998 he has been an advisor to the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences. Exhibitions of Mikhail Filippov's landscapes and architectural fantasies have been held in several European cities, as well as in the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg and the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. Filippov represented Russia at the Jubilee Architecture Biennale in Venice in 2000, and has 7 international awards, including the "Style of the Year 2001" award, received in Japan in 1984. 1983 Sculpture Museum. Central Glass competition. Tokyo. Second prize. 1984 "Style 2001." JA Magazine Competition. Tokyo. First Prize. 1985 "Atrium." Central Glass competition (for the solution of atrium space). Tokyo. First Prize. 1985 "Shaft of Resistance." JA Magazine Competition. Tokyo. Incentive Prize. 1986 "The Marketplace of Information." Central Glass competition. Tokyo. Incentive Prize. 1987 "Monument of the 21st Century." JA Magazine Competition. Tokyo. Incentive Prize. 1998 "Island". Competition of Moskomarhitektura (commissioned by the Academy of Architecture of the Russian Federation). Diploma. 1988 - 1993. Participant of exhibitions "Paper Architecture" - in Paris in 1987, in Ljubljana in 1988, at the Triennale in Milan in 1988, in Brussels in 1989, in Cologne in 1990. In 1989 in London, in 1989 in New York, in 1999 in Helsinki. In 1993 - the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. In 1999 - Shchusev State Museum of Architecture in Moscow. In 2000 - VII International Biennale in Venice. (Russian Pavilion) In 2001 - "Embankment". State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. In 2015 - "Only Italy". State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. In 2016 - "Solo Italia". In 2011, Grigory Revzin published a monograph with an in-depth analysis of the architect's work. In 2013, in his book "Russian Architecture at the Turn of the 20th - 21st Centuries", Revzin referred to Filippov as "the only one who managed to create his own agenda and implement it in real construction". Author's works of the architect were presented on the pages of authoritative Russian and foreign publications more than 140 times. He is critical of modern architecture. In December 2009 at Alvaro Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland) he gave a lecture on "Modern architecture does not exist". In 2017, comparing five-story buildings to Kazimir Malevich's painting "Black Square", he proposed his vision for the reconstruction of the facade of a typical "five-story building". The architect began working on the "Roman Quarter", the development of which began at the end of 2016. In this work, Mikhail uses the principle of a two-level city, first described by Leonardo da Vinci.
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