Russia • Moscow and Moscow Oblast • born in 1989 • artist
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Biography and information

Born in 1989 in the city of Korolev, Moscow region.

He is actively engaged in studying and working in contemporary calligraphy. The artist's works are a mixture of contemporary calligraphy, graffiti, design and typography. His creative direction can be defined as visual art that combines letters into compositions that seek to convey a deeper meaning through writing. He alters the aesthetic of writing to go beyond the simple meaning of letters. His work combines tradition and precision with modern, free expression. This approach requires the artist to have an overall vision, from the message he wants to convey to the shape of the letters and the overall concept he creates.

Anton Lebedev does not limit his creative potential by formats or working techniques. In his portfolio you can find a variety of projects ranging from works on paper and sculpture to interior projects.

In 2021, he created the largest ceiling mural in the style of modern calligraphy, the size of which exceeds 140 square meters.
From 2020 to 2023 worked on an impressive space in the establishment covering 400 square meters of walls with calligraphy paintings. The establishment is now the largest hookah establishment in the world in terms of calligraphy. Collaborated with companies such as Empire distribution / inc., EMCD.