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Personal Resume - Personal Resume
Kuang Laowu Tibetan Artist Independent Critic
Kuang Laowu Tibetan artist Independent critic

Author of "The Biography of Kwong Lo Wu," "The Philosophy of Mirth," "The Practitioner of Performance Art," and "Nine Sections of the Cannonball" (a full-length novel).
1999-2017 Songzhuang, Beijing, China

1999-2017, worked and lived in Songzhuang Town, Beijing, China

1997-1999 Worked at the Cultural Center of Yantang County, Aba Prefecture
1997-1999 Worked in the Cultural Center of Rangtang County, Aba Prefecture

1997 Graduated from the Art Department of Aba Teachers College
1997 Graduated from the Art Department of Aba Normal College

1975 Male Born in Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan, China
Male, born in 1975 in Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan province, PRC.

First Prize of Aba Art Festival Exhibition
Won the first prize of the Aba Art Festival Exhibition
Second Prize of the Art Exhibition of the Fourth Minority Art Festival of Five Northwest Provinces and Regions
Won the second prize of the art exhibition of the 4th minority art festival in the five northwest provinces and regions
First Prize in Art, Aba State Youth Art Festival
The first prize of the art of the Aba Youth Art Festival

Exhibition experience.
2019 The Art of Action, Embassy of the European Union, China
2019 "The Art of Action" Exhibition, Embassy of the European Union to China

2016 Kwong Lao Five Exhibitions Shangri-La Museum
2016 Kuang Laowu Personal Exhibition, Shangri-La Museum

2012 Curator and academic organizer of "Civic Art Exhibition".
2012 Planned and Hosted academic "Citizen Art Exhibition"

2011 "Sensitive Zone" performance art photo exhibition
2011 "Sensitive Zone" Performance Art Photos Exhibition

2009 The First Biennale of 798
2009 The First 798 Biennale Exhibition

2008 "OPEN Decade" Performance Art Camp, Beijing
2008 "Open Ten Years" performance art camp, Beijing

2008 "Unwarranted Reality" Beijing
2008 "Unprovoked Reality", Beijing
2007 "Made in Songzhuang" 2nd edition
2007 the Second Art Exhibition of "Made in Songzhuang Town", Beijing
2007 "June United" Performance Art Camp Songzhuang, Beijing
2007 "Union in June" performance art camp, Songzhuang Town, Beijing

2007 "Out of Songzhuang" Contemporary Art Exhibition Beijing Shenyang Shandong Shanghai
2007 "Walk Out of Songzhuang Town" Contemporary Art Exhibition, in Beijing, Shenyang, Shandong, Shanghai

2007 "Behavior in Eight Directions" Invitational Exhibition, Chengdu, China
2007 "Behavior in all directions" Invitational Exhibition, Chengdu

2006 Contemporary Art Exhibition "Fireworks of Humanity"
2006 Contemporary Art Exhibition titled "Human Lives"

2006 "Made in Songzhuang" Art Exhibition, Beijing, China
2006 Art Exhibition of "Made in Songzhuang Town", Beijing

2005 "Waste" Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing, China
2005 " Collapse " Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing

2000 "Zen 0 Space" Contemporary Art Exhibition Beijing
2000 "Zen Nil Space" Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing

1996 Kuang Laowu Individual Oil Painting Exhibition Aba
1996 Kuang Laowu's Personal Oil Painting Exhibition, in Aba