Fedorovich Nikonov

born in 1930

Biography and information

Painter. In 1956 he graduated from the Moscow State Art Institute. V.I. Surikova.
Gold medal at the All-Union Art Exhibition 1957-1958 for the picture "October" (1954).

First prize at the V International Exhibition of Realistic Painting in Sofia (People's Republic of Bulgaria, 1985) for the painting "Village Funeral" (1985). For the same picture - a prize for painting them. P.P. Konchalovsky 1991

Gold medal of the USSR Academy of Arts in 1991 for works presented at the 1990 personal exhibition in Moscow.

Among the main works also: "Self-portrait" (1986), "Return" (1987), "Shepherd" (1987), "Woman with Hay" (1988), "Two on the Road" (1988), "Bell Tower" (1989) , "Winter" (1989), "Kalyazin. View from the Volga" (1994), "Fire" (1991), "Funeral of Valexin" (1994), "House is under construction" (1995), "Fight" (1996), " Thunderstorm "(1998).
Corresponding Member of PAX (1997). People's Artist of the Russian Federation (1994). Full member of the Russian Academy of Arts. Member of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Arts.
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